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Dale Roberts
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My studio is in the downtown core of the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The building, built in the late 1800s, is called the Duck Building. My studio occupies the loft above the original stables, now a restaurant and retail space. I have three rooms where I do most of my work. As a sculptor, I need a room that can be mostly used for “making a mess.” This space is the Lace Room. This room started with covering a section of a wall with crocheted doilies to make for a softer and comforting environment, and now they have spread around the room and grow each time I have visitors. The Room of All Sorts is my inspiration room: it contains things from various art installations, memorabilia from my Newfoundland home, a Donald Duck collection of some fifteen years, and a Wall of Fame where I house a collection of signatures and photographs. Also there are various garments on mannequins—mostly the Dame Mailarta’s performance pieces (we share the space). From here, one passes into the showcase space (Ken Room). Current works in process are displayed and worked on and finalized here. Three walls are used as a gallery display showcase. The 20-foot-high ceiling allows me to display elements of previous installations of my crocheted and netted works. One wall houses Ken Carson and Friends—I’m aiming for 999 Kens on the Wall. Second-story windows give me a view of on old tree along a busy city street where I have been able to enjoy watching a family of crows come and grow with the seasons. As for studio organization, I am a lover of drawers and contained spaces for things. One can never have too many drawers.






Dale Roberts, 36/100 Distortions (work in progress, at left), 2006; crocheted cotton, twine, rope, netting, hemp, burlap, bronze leaf; crocheted and knotted sculpture (each piece fits within the dimensions of a shoebox); 36" x 48" x 7". Photos: Dale Roberts.



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