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Aspram Balyan
Pasadena, California

My studio has five main parts to it. The first is my desk, where I work or simply sit and enjoy my environment and get inspired to create a new work. The second part is my garden, directly in front of me, framed by large French doors, providing me with that infinite source of inspiration and peacefulness, Mother Nature. On my left side against the wall is my piano, which I play whenever I need to take a break from my work or when I simply feel the need to play for my own pleasure; I sometimes find new ideas for my work in front of the piano. An important part of my studio is the large shelf behind me that houses most of my yarn and is organized by color, making my workflow more effective and pleasant. In addition to my yarn, I also keep some of my tools, books, and sketches in a few of the shelves. Finally, on my right side, and equally as important, is a small museum-type wall I’ve made for myself with an assortment of ornaments, pots, and colorful rugs that come from ancient Armenian culture. It is also a place where I like to hang some of my works when they are finished or when they are incomplete (sometimes I need to hang them and look at them with a critical eye). It is difficult to choose one part in my studio that I like the most—I like how all the different parts of it work together in harmony with my needs as an artist.



Aspram Balyan, The Dancing of the Twins, 2006; wool, fiber; plain weave; 27" x 19". This piece depicts a petroglyph found in the GeghamMountains in Armenia. Photo: Hayk Hambartsumyan.


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