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Fiberarts Studios


Andi Arnovitz
Jerusalem, Israel

My studio is on the top floor of our house here in an old neighborhood in Jerusalem. The space is divided into several work areas: my computer/library area, and then two large work tables, set up where I can have projects going simultaneously. One table has a glass top so I can make a mess with paints and glues. I also set my sewing machine up here when needed. In one corner is my printing press, and in another is my sink. Most of my inspiration comes from my collection of books on textiles. Because Jerusalem is on the edge of the desert, things get very dusty, and so all my fabrics and threads are kept inside cupboards. I keep current projects up on the walls. My favorite aspects are the light and the space: there is room to spread out!


Studio photos: Abshalom Avital.


Andi Arnovitz, Vest of the Giver of Charity, 2006; paper, ink, thread; monotype, Xerox lithography, machine and hand sewn; 32" x 22 1/2" x 1/2". Photo: Abshalom Avital.


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