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Fiberarts - September/October 2009
September/October 2009

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Mixed-media beadwork by Kym Hepworth
Vintage fabric embroideries by Isabella Rengifo
More work by our Sampling artists
Fabric and Glass by Vanessa Yanow
Velvet and Shibori by Barbara Setsu Pickett
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September/October 2009

Mixed-media Beadwork
by Kym Hepworth

Our September/October 2009 issue includes a look at the creative process of Kym Hepworth. A mixed-media and beadwork artist based in Savannah, Georgia, her beaded assemblages are inspired by mourning art, Dark Romanticism, and Gothic literature. She incorporates historical photos and found objects in her work to explore themes of love, loss, and grief. Here we share additional work by the artist and her inspiration for each piece.

In mourning art, the image of a lamb is often seen on children’s gravestones and symbolizes Christ, innocence and purity.

Keepsake keepsake detail
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Keepsake (baby doll) (with detail), 2009, doll dress, beads, rhinestones, thread, found objects, quilt; 8⅛" x 8⅜" x 3⅞".

The idea for this series is to playfully combine the themes of the loss of childhood, either through mortality or maturity, with children’s games.

you go first
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you go first, 2009; beads, thread, ribbon, photo transfer, canvas, fabric, pins; three panels, each panel: 16" x 17" x ½" (unframed).

This work was inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem, Because I could not stop for Death.

Little Journeys
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Little Journeys, 2008; beads, thread, fabric, pocket watch, bifocal lens, tintype, wreath, paint, graphite, hat pins, quilt, fabric dye, found objects; 13⅛" x 10½" x 3¾".

The empty chair and dog (left) are symbols commonly found in cemetery iconography. The scissors, measuring tape and ball of thread (right) symbolize the Moirae, or The Fates, in Greek mythology.

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Waiting, 2008; beads, thread, photo transfer, fabric, opals, paint, wooden shelf, found objects, powder, oval frame: 9¾" x 11¾" x 1¼"; shelf: 3½" x 24" x 5".

This work was inspired by Emily Dickinson's poem, I Died for Beauty, but was Scarce, and the proverb, Children should be seen and not heard.

Hush Now
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Hush Now, 2008; doily, fabric dye, beads, thread, pocket watch, inkjet on paper, paint, graphite, and fabric; 13⅜" x 13⅜" x ¾".

All photos: Robin Miller.

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