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Fiberarts - September/October 2009
September/October 2009

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Fabric and Glass by Vanessa Yanow
Velvet and Shibori by Barbara Setsu Pickett
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September/October 2009

Handwoven Velvet and Arashi Shibori by Barbara Setsu Pickett

The September/October 2009 issue of Fiberarts includes the handwoven velvet of Barbara Setsu Pickett. The article focuses on Pickett’s passion for velvet and how her penchant for historical research has allowed her to travel the world to study with the masters. Here we share an additional example of her velvet work on the loom and the sketch from the church in Venice, Italy, that inspired it. Below, author Marilyn Robert shares images of another body of Pickett’s work involving arashi shibori.

Floor tile
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Pickett’s 1997 drawing of the floor tiles at the Venetian church Santa Maria della Salute.

Salute weaving on the loom
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One of several Salute velvet weavings (shown on the loom) that Pickett made based on her drawings and her experience of the space during her travels in Venice. “Salute” means “health” in Italian.

Barbara Setsu Pickett Arashi Shibori
By Marilyn Robert

Barbara Setsu Pickett’s current work includes pleated and dyed silks shaped with arashi shibori patterns, flowing textured panels, and intricate three-dimensional forms, all of which challenge her to tell stories wordlessly, relying instead on visual concepts. With her son, Michael Pickett, and their business, Mihara Shibori, in Eugene, Oregon, she continues her exploration with color, transforming her work by layering patterns of immersion dyeing, compression, resist, and painting.

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Colony, 2008; crepe de chine, bomaki shibori; hand-dyed, handpainted with metallics; 18" x 14" x 5". Photo by the artist. Courtesy of Beet Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

Falling Water I Zipper Necklaces
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Falling Water 1 (with detail), 2008; handpainted, shibori-resisted silk organza; 32" x 16" x 84". Courtesy of Beet Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

Both the velvet weaving and the shibori feature prominent textural components. The common thread in these different art forms is the artist’s response to the breadth of human experience, gleaned from her travels and reflections. Each of Pickett’s remarkable artworks references significant moments or ideas, acting as reservoirs of her memory.

To learn more about Barbara Setsu Pickett’s work, visit Beet Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

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