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Fiber Valentines

Fiberarts - January/February 2010
January/February 2010

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Fiber-postcard valentine contest info
More examples of Lisa Klakulak’s work from start to finish.
More work from our Sampling artists.
How Lisa Telford Harvests Cedar Bark and Her Traditional Pre-Contact Clothing and Basketry.
Updated exhibition and competition listings.
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Send Us Your Love!

Postcards by Marty Calhoun (left) and Carol Tamasiunas (right)

Fiberarts magazine is published in Loveland, Colorado, and we want to share the LOVE. Let us help you turn your fiber postcards into fiber valentines. Since 1947, the Loveland post office has been re-mailing valentines from around the world, adding its own special poem and cancellation mark. Fabric postcards, which are highly popular among quilters and fiber artists, are perfect for this special touch. Read more about fiber postcards in the article Fiber in the Mailbox, by Maureen Egan, which appeared in our April/May 2006 issue.

See last year's valentines

Create your fabric postcards using the following template to allow room for both the poem and the cancellation mark (be sure that your postcards meet U.S. Postal Service requirements):


Postcard Dimensions

Postcard by Linda J. Minor

Send as many postcard valentines as you would like (pre-addressed and pre-stamped) to us in an envelope by January 15. Please note that fiber postcards will require additional postage. Check with your local post office to confirm how much postage is needed for your card. We will have them sent out with the special poem and cancellation. We’ll photograph some of them for a future article in the magazine or on our website.

The address: Fiberarts Valentines, 201 East Fourth Street, Loveland, CO 80537-5655.

Important Dates  

January 15, 2010

Postcards due to us

February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

And to inspire your passions, here is a list we will be giving away to the 2010 valentine’s winners:

1. Jacquard Challenge
Most innovative use of waxes in a mixed media or resist technique.

Prizes: acid dyes, beeswax, Dye-Na-Flow Exciter Pack, Encaustic Medium, Extravoganza, Halo/Jewel Exciter Pack, Indigo Kit, Inkjet Print on cotton, Inkjet Print on silk, Micro Crystalline, Tee Juice Classic Set, Tee Juice Brights Set, Fine Line Tee Juice, Medium Tee Juice, Procion 4 Color Set with soda ash, Soywax.

Prizes courtesy of Jacquard Products,

2. Nuno Felt Challenge
Nuno felt (also called laminated felt) is a technique of felting wool or other fiber onto a preexisting fabric. Using only this technique, create a piece of laminated felt using silk, cotton, burlap, or another open weave fabric of your choice. Entries will be judged on felt quality, originality, and use of spatial scale.

Prize: Felting Fashion: Creative and Inspirational Techniques for Feltmakers by Lizzie Houghton (London: Batsford, 2009).

Prize courtesy of New England Felting Supply,

3. Local Wools/Undyed Wools Challenge
Felt is on the forefront of eco-fiber art. Using natural, undyed fibers from a local farm or fair, wet felt a work of art. Sewing or needlefelt embellishment on the felt is permitted, but colors used must be natural tones of white, brown, gray or black. Make a new contact with a local fiber farmer or select from your stash of undyed wools that have been waiting for their chance in the spotlight. Entries will be judged on quality of felt and best use of contrast in fibers or textures.

Prize: Home Decor Honeycomb Felt Kit.

Prize courtesy of New England Felting Supply,

Fiber-Postcard Valentine Contest Official Rules

Questions? or (970) 669-7672.


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