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Fiberarts - September/October 2010
September/October 2010

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Fiber Farm Resources

Our September/October 2010 issue features a creative process article about a class at the Oregon College of Art and Craft titled “Field to Fabric: Going Local with Fibers.” In this class, students traveled to local farms to learn about fiber production and processing and local wool to create their own felt work. Here we’ve compiled a list of resources around the country that might be of use to you if you would like to learn more about processing fibers or to have your fibers processed for you. If you see something missing, please email Fiberarts Senior Editor Liz Good at


Bartlett Yarns, 20 Water St., Harmony, ME 04942. (207) 683-2251;
Bartlett Yarns is an historic mill, and is one of the few to still use a spinning mule. In addition to the yarns produced by the mill from local wool, they also offer custom processing options.

Friends’ Folly Farm, 319 Norris Hill Rd., Monmouth, ME 04259. (207) 632-3115;
Friends’ Folly Farm is a farm, mill, and yarn store all in one location. Specializing in mohair, the shop offers a wide variety of products including many different types of blended yarns.

Green Mountain Spinnery, 7 Brickyard Ln., Putney, VT 05346. (802) 387-4528;
Green Mountain Spinnery specializes in producing yarn from fiber that is all grown in the United States. The focus is on producing high quality yarn in a sustainable way, including using no chemicals to bleach, mothproof, or shrinkproof the fiber.

Harrisville Designs, Inc. 41 Main St., Harrisville, NH 03450. (603) 827-3333;
Harrisville is recognized as being the only eighteenth-century textile village that still survives in its original form. As part of this community Harrisville Designs offers looms, weaving accessories, yarn, fleece, classes and books.

Hope Spinnery, 725 Camden Rd, Hope, ME 04847. (207) 763-4600;
Hope Spinnery is a wind-powered mill that specializes in producing yarn in an environmentally sustainable manner. This includes using fiber that is produced locally, processing it in a chemical-free way, and using natural dyes.

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, 707 Shaker Rd, New Gloucester, ME 04260. (207) 926-4597;
Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village is an active community of Shakers that includes both a working farm and a spinhouse.

Still River Fiber Processing Mill, 210 Eastford Rd, Eastford, CT 06242. (860) 974-9918;
Still River Mill provides custom fiber processing with no minimum fiber amount. Visitors can also take a tour of the mill to observe the process of turning raw wool into yarn.

Vermont Grand View Farm, Washington, Vermont. (802) 685-4693;;
Small family owned sheep farm nestled on a hillside in the Green Mountains of Vermont that offers unique yarns blended with Romney wool, angora, mohair, and llama. Yarn may be purchased as a yarn or fiber CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Share or as individual skeins. Also a Bed & Breakfast offering fiber classes.


Juniper Moon Farm, 1036 Venable Rd., Palmyra, VA 22963. (434) 589-4455;
Juniper Farm is the originator of the yarn and fiber CSA. They are now offering more ways to participate than ever, including double and half shares, as well as spinner’s shares for those who prefer roving. All of the yarn included in the shares is produced from wool raised on the farm and processed at a small local mill. The farm is also a vacation destination, offering full week and long weekend stays.


Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill, 3776 Forshaug Rd., Mount Horeb, WI 53572. (608) 437-3762;
Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill accepts as little as twenty pounds of wool for processing into yarn and two pounds for processing into roving. To arrange a tour please call ahead.

Esther’s Place, 201 W. Galena St. (Rte. 30), Big Rock, IL 60511. Lamb of God Farm, 7S027 Jericho Rd., Big Rock, IL 60511. (630) 556-9665;
Lamb of God Farm offers wool roving and yarn as a small part of their CSA offerings, as well as through Esther’s Place (which is under the same ownership). Visitors can tour the farm by appointment, or visit the family’s yarn store for information on shepherding and spinning

Mt. Bruce Station, 6440 Bordman Rd., Romeo, MI 48065. (810) 798-2568;
Mt. Bruce Station is a small sheep farm specializing in Corriedale sheep, rare breed Jacob sheep and distinctive brown Moorits. There is an annual wool festival on the property each September offering opportunities to learn about shepherding, carding, spinning and weaving.

Ohio Valley Natural Fibers, 8541 Louderback Road, Sardinia, OH 45171. (937) 446-3045;
Ohio Valley Natural Fibers processes can process small amounts of fiber, with a minimum one pound processing charge. They also offer supplies, including those needed for shearing, knitting, spinning and weaving.

The Shepherd’s Mill, Inc, 893 3rd St., Phillipsburg, KS 67661. (785) 543-3128;
The Shepherd’s Mill offers a full range of fiber processing services, from washing to spinning or felting.

Zeilinger Wool Co, 1130 Weiss St., Frankenmuth, MI 48734. (989) 652-2920;
Zeilinger Wool Company processes wool, mohair, angora, llama, alpaca, and exotic animal fibers. These can be made into a variety of products including comforters, bed pillows, mattress pads, quilts, batting, or yarn.


Beaverslide Dry Goods, PO Box 153, Dupuyer, MT 59432. (406) 472-3283;
Beaverslide Dry Goods is a 3000 acre ranch which raises sheep, the wool of which is then mulespun by a mill in Canada, without the use of chemicals.

Cedar Haven Farm, 20673 Mattoon Rd., Estacada, OR 97023. (503) 631-3106.
Cedar Haven Farm specializing in Shetland Sheep, offering both breeding stock and wool for sale.

From Barn to Yarn, PO Box 1161, Boring, OR 97009. (503) 312-0994;
From Barn to Yarn offers custom wool processing services for small amounts of fiber. Wool is returned as either roving or batts.

SuDan Farms, 32285 S. Kropf Rd., Canby, OR 97013. (503) 651-5262.
SuDan Farms offers many products including breeding stock, wool products, Wool Wax Skin Creme and USDA lamb. Visitors are welcome to tour the farm. Products can be purchased on site, at local farmers markets, or via mail order.


Taos Valley Wool Mill, PO Box 1045, Mora, NM 87732. (575) 387-5928;
Taos Valley Wool Mill specializes in spinning long wool and exotic fibers. They can spin as little as one pound up to thousands of pounds. La Lana Wool, Located at 136 Cam Del Paseo Pueblo Norte in Taos offers plant-dyed yarns spun from natural fibers, many of which are spun at the mill.

Tapetes de Lana Weaving Center, PO Box 1135, Highway 518 Junction 434, Mora, NM 87732. (575) 387-2247;
Tapetes de Lana Weaving Center specializes in community outreach in northeastern New Mexico. Teaching spinning and weaving to those living in this region allows them to stay within their families and communities, while supplementing their income with cottage industry. The weaving center offers fiber processing services as well as finished goods for sale.

Tierra Wools, 91 Main St., PO Box 229, Los Ojos, NM 87551. (888) 709-0979;
Tierra Wools is owned by a group of weavers, spinners and growers. On the grounds they have a guest house, weaving school, fiber scouring plant, and retail store, among other things.

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