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Fiberarts - Summer 2010
Summer 2010

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Katherine K. Allen’s Wetlands series
Video of the making of Merle Axelrad Serlin’s piece California Riceland (2009)
Bonnie Gale’s The Living Tree 1 (2010) and a video of making a living willow structure
More work from our Sampling artists
Animal Stories by Anne Lemanski
Marie Watt’s new series, Marker (2010)
Updated exhibition and competition listings
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Katherine K. Allen: The Tactile Tranquility of the Wetlands

The work of Katherine K. Allen is included in our Summer 2010 issue. Here she shares some insight into her creative process.

My artworks are a meditation on nature. I am interested in evoking the keenly joyous moments, celebratory gestures and expressive colors I find in the natural world. My Wetlands series (2009–ongoing) is inspired by my kayaking adventures in the estuaries of Maryland’s eastern shore. The Chesapeake Bay has many tight winding sloughs, small pocket marshes and grassy meadowlands that sway in a vast wind-driven ballet. In my garden, woods and wetlands I grow all of the plant materials used in my creative process. I like knowing that I am both conceptually and actually partnering with nature when making my art.

All works made with silk, fabric paint, acrylic paint and screen print ink; painted, screen printed, and machine- and handstitched. Photos: Gerhard Heidersberger.

Summer Luxury (with detail), 2010; 52" x 104".

Song Twice Over (with detail), 2010; 52" x 60".

Rare Silver (with detail), 2010; 74" x 43".

Almost Alone (with detail), 2010; 53" x 60".

Winter’s Green (with detail), 2010; 53" x 59".


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