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Fiberarts - Winter 2010/2011
Winter 2010/2011

Fiberarts - Winter 2010/2011
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Images of Berber Soepboer’s Treasuring Places wearable art collection
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Treasuring Places
By Berber Soepboer

The inspiration for my Treasuring Places (2010) art-to-wear collection originated while traveling through China. In Buddhist temples, it is tradition to tie red ribbons around pillars, railings, and trees. This makes the temple appear to be “overgrown” with this enormous quantity of ribbons. The experience, the gesture of leaving something behind, and the beauty of this gesture are the inspiration for this collection. The interaction between garments, moments, and places are key points. This is visualized by means of leaving behind and taking objects.


Above: Soepboer’s Treasuring Places (2010) collection was inspired by the practice of tying red ribbons to the architecture of Buddhist temples in China. Photos by the artist.

Events held at special or dear places are characterized as treasures. The garments in this collection have parts that can be left behind; for instance ribbons that can be tied around something to mark the location as a “treasuring place.” Some garments also have storage for found objects; the wearer is able to carry the memory of that place with them. The identity of the wearer will become part of the garment through their stories and experiences with places that are special to them. Using the collection pieces, their choices will be marked, memorized, and documented by means of stories and photography.

Below: Garments from Berber Soepoer’s Treasuring Places collection (2010). Photos: Ninette Schostack.


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