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Fiberarts - Summer 2010
Summer 2010

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Katherine K. Allenís Wetlands series
Video of the making of Merle Axelrad Serlinís piece California Riceland (2009)
Bonnie Galeís The Living Tree 1 (2010) and a video of making a living willow structure
More work from our Sampling artists
Animal Stories by Anne Lemanski
Marie Wattís new series, Marker (2010)
Updated exhibition and competition listings
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The Making of a Fabric Collage Landscape

Sacramento, California artist Merle Axelrad Serlin is profiled in our Summer 2010 issue. She is well known for her realistic landscapes rendered in fabric collage. Over the years she has created many stunning large-scale pieces that depict tranquil waterways, mountain views, forests, and ocean coastlines. Composed of thousands of tiny pieces of repurposed, hand-dyed, and commercial fabrics, Serlinís complex layered and machine stitched visions take months to realize. Last year she was commissioned by the California Rice Commission to make California Ricelands (2009), which the company proudly uses as their 2010 branded image for marketing. The organization also produced a video about the making of the piece that offers a glimpse inside the artistís studio as well as imagery of the actual wetlands that continue to inspire her work. We share the video with you below.

California Ricelands (with detail), 2009; painted, dyed, and repurposed fabrics, backed with cotton canvas; machine stitched, fabric collage; 38" x 30". Photos by Maizie Gilbert and Jessica Skloven.


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