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April/May 2008 - Summer 2005

Book-Arts and Collage Resources

Collage on the Web

Our Summer 2005 issue featured Book Arts, Collage, and Assemblage, and our April/May 2008 issue has the theme of Paper. We’ve compiled a list of resources that have been useful for Fiberarts staff and some of the artists we worked with on these issues.

Books About Book Arts, Collage, and Assemblage
Magazines and Videos About Book Arts, Collage, and Assemblage
Book Arts on the Web
Collage on the Web
Book Arts Centers and Classes
Papermaking Resources “Dedicated to the art of collage,” this website was created by collage artist Jonathan Talbot. It includes work by contemporary artists, exhibition and study opportunities, recommended books, and links to suppliers of materials and tools. The entry on “collage” on the online art dictionary includes images of historic works by Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, and other collage pioneers. and Information about copyright for those interested in using found images or images of others’ artworks in their own work. The first site is that of the Artists Rights Society, an organization that represents the interests of historical and contemporary artists; the second site is that of Sarah Ovenall, a collage artist. In Debra Riley Parr’s description of the altered book in Fiberarts’s Summer 2005 issue, she mentions Writer William S. Burroughs’s method of “cut ups.” On this website Burroughs describes how writers can use the technique of collage (he suggests cutting up a text and then rearranging the pieces to form new combinations of words).

To suggest additions to these listings, please e-mail with complete information.

Fiberarts April/May 2008 Issue

Additional resources were added online in:

Spring 2008

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Summer 2005

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