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Process & Materials

Virginia's Kimono; silk; eight-harness satin weave, warp painting, dye, discharge, katazome resist. Pieced and sewn by Lorrie Ostroman. Collection of Virginia Davis (who excited Vogel to explore the possibilities of combining weaving and dyeing). Photo: Pat White.

For more articles on process, see How to. . .for Artists. Materials are often discussed in the Artist Profiles and in Reviews.

Anatomy of an Exhibition
[Nov/Dec 2004]
John McQueen reveals his installation process at the Racine Art Museum (RAM) in Wisconsin. Web-Exclusive

Digital Quilt
[Nov/Dec 2003]
Michael James describes the new frontier of printing computer-manipulated images directly onto fabric. [Feature Article]

Focus on Process: 5 Jackets
[Mar/Apr 2002]
Artists (Ellen Marsh & Robin McKay; Erica Spitzer Rasmussen, Ann Clarke; Isa Vogel; Gina D'Ambrosio) discuss their inspiration and process for creating five different jackets. [Feature Article]

Harris Tweed: The Fabric of Island Life
[Mar/Apr 2001]

The history of tweed fabric from the 1800s to the present. [Feature Article]

Hear Consuelo Jiménez Underwood, Valarie James, and Vic De La Rosa talk about their work “at the Border”
[Summer 2008]

In the article, these artists discuss what called them to this subject matter, how they draw upon textile traditions in their work, and whether they see their work as artistic expression or social statement. [Feature Article]

The Largest Reaches of Life
[Sept/Oct 2002]
Artists (Michelle Samour, Lucy Arai, and Marijke Arp) share their different approaches to the same medium, paper. [Feature Article]

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