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Summer 2007


Making Time for Art: A Survey

If you’re not making time for your creative work, you’re cheating yourself—and others who would benefit from your expression, says Jill Heppenheimer of Santa Fe Weaving Gallery. As co-owner of the gallery for more than fifteen of the gallery’s thirty years, Heppenheimer has been encouraging makers of art clothing to push their creativity. She also organized the fiber-centric Design with Heart conferences and now coordinates tours for global textile nomads.

In the Summer 2007 issue of Fiberarts, Heppenheimer writes about how successful artwork reflects both technical skill—developed through dedicated practice and experimentation—and a creative vision that speaks from deep inside the artist’s soul. She profiles three artists—DY Begay, Ramona Sakiestewa, and Lewis Knauss—whose work reflects both ingredients because they have made their art a priority even while they juggle demands such as jobs or family that compete for their time and attention.

In conjunction with the Summer issue, we posted a survey to find out more about the challenges readers are facing in their creative lives and what strategies have worked to overcome obstacles and take their artwork to the next level. Although we’re not collecting responses any longer, here are the questions. We hope they will stimulate some reflection about your creative life.

  1. How would you describe your life stage and how it affects your artwork? For example, do you have a non-art-related day job? Do you juggle parenting and/or elder-care responsibilities with your creative interests?
  2. What are the obstacles to creativity that you encounter in your life?
  3. How do you confront these obstacles? Think about your overall philosophy or specific strategies.
  4. What goals do you set for how much time to spend or what constitutes "accomplishment" in the studio?
  5. Creative leaps generally follow some breakthrough. Think about your most recent one: its circumstances, the outcome, and how that affects where you go next.
  6. Do the other aspects of your life influence your artwork in any way? How?
  7. What about the converse: how does your art influence the other aspects of your life?
  8. Talk about creativity vs. artistry: Do you view the two as distinct or the same? What have you discovered about the role that your life plays in delving into either or both?

Watch future issues of Fiberarts magazine for articles addressing these topics.


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