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Summer 2006

Web-Exclusive Gallery
Labyrinths in Fiber by Ted Hallman

The Summer 2006 issue of Fiberarts explores the creative process of artist Ted Hallman and his creation of twenty-eight labyrinths for Visual Journeys: Labyrinths (on display October 15–December 31, 2005, at the Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania). Hallman, who has long had a fascination with labyrinths, has referenced the motif repeatedly throughout his successful career as a fiber artist. Recently, however, he has focused on the labyrinth as subject matter, exploring the concept in a variety of different media. Combining the spiritual nature of the symbol with visual art, Hallman sees labyrinths as a metaphor for the journey of life. Here we share more examples of the fruit of his exploration.

The Visual Journeys exhibition is available to travel; for information, contact Ted Hallman.

Stepped Walk Through Fire, 2004; dyed and painted interlaced strips; 48" x 48". To follow this labyrinth, trace the path of the dark-green strip, beginning at lower right and ending at upper left.

Passage into Enthusiasm, 2005; sized spun cotton fabric strips; crocheted; 34" x 34". The path of this labyrinth turns from yellow to gold as it moves toward its focal point. It begins on the left side.

In Search of the Love Energy, 2004; sized spun cotton fabric strips; knitted; 34" x 34". Follow the light blue yarn through the labyrinth from the lower margin near the right side of the piece.

Galactic Gestations Create the Spiral (The Spiral Is the Mother of All Labyrinths), 2002; sized spun cotton fabric strips; knitted; 34" x 34". This piece recognizes the spiral as the basis of labyrinth forms.

Double Meander: Hungry Serpents, 2005; acrylic painting; 28" x 24". This piece is entered on the left margin very close to the bottom of the piece on the rattle of the left snake, and it finishes with the rattle of the last snake on the right.

Wrapping by Encircling, 2003; acrylic painting on canvas; 20" x 15". This piece is entered from the left margin close to the top of the piece. The basic heart image of the piece is upside down. (This is a golden path to the center of the heart.)

Photos: Harry E. Fisher.

This gallery first appeared
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Summer 2006


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